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i'm katie and i like warrior cats and kyle

This is my baby, Diego. He died 1 year ago today, on December 31st, 2010. He had FIP, a rare mutation of the Coronavirus in cats. The wet strain is the most common, with 60 - 70% of all cases being wet. If your cat is starting to have an unnaturally swelled abdomen, take him or her to the vet. FIP is contaigous, especially in kittens and older cats, and is transmitted through feces (like, through litter boxes). It is also always fatal. While this disease is rare, cats can get it. It causes them to suffer horribly, and I hated to see my baby go through it… 

I wanted to raise awareness, because it’s something every cat owner should know about and look for.

Rest in peace, my lovely Diego.

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